Who We Are

Cimon is a software development company.
It is oriented on the open market and has already launched several successful startups and open source projects.

Our goal is not just to develop software, but to solve the problems that our customers face.

We provide high-quality IT solutions for a wide range of business needs whether you require means of team collaboration and management, image processing, automation of application deployment or something else.

Cimon's team includes experienced employees with the necessary skills in project management, software development, business analytics, system administration and accounting.

Our Principles

Make the software solve the problem, but not turn into it.

We are sure that all tools we use must adjust to our workflow as if they were developed exactly for us. So, flexibility is at the top of the priority. Faithful to agile principles, we believe that a perfect software product can be achieved and we are the team who will succeed in this.

Security and support.

Constant updating and tracking of known vulnerabilities makes your work with our products reliable and stable. With our software, you should not worry about the security of your data - we do our best to ensure that our products meet the latest safety requirements.

Advanced technologies.

We always stay aware of the latest innovations and trends in software development and use in our projects only premium technologies. We are open-minded and are not afraid to experiment. Achievements of artificial intelligence, recent releases of frameworks or languages, new perspective technologies never stay unnoticed.

Transparency of services.

With us, you always know what you are going to use. We provide our customers all means to test and explore the software they buy. A free term of use, vast demonstration, complete documentation are available so that you do not have any questions or doubts left about the quality of the services.